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Ethic, the pen that does not follow trends or fashion, destined to last, together with the message that it conveys.

It is a pen that can be tailor-made to a dream, without losing any of its innate elegance. There is plenty of space for promotional messages: on the body, the cap and the top; and although it is a twist action pen, it was designed so that it could be printed easily in several number of colours, even with a register.

ET 900-BC

White barrel and colorful cap, with shiny silver clip and rings


Galvanic process used to chrome or to gild ABS parts

Made of non-toxic, highly resistant ABS plastic

Jumbo refill avaliable in black or blue ink.  Up to 2500 metres of writing.

Production Dimension: 140mm x 15mm x 10mm

Printing Area:

Barrel: 55mm W x 9.5mm H

Cap: 30mm W x 8mm H

Decoration Methods: Pad Printing, Rotary Screen Printing, 4CP Digital Direct Print


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