About Us

Pro Bags promoting environmentally friendly promotional totes and merchandise. Our bags are produced using unbleached/bleached, colored-cotton, organic fabric, and material produced using 100% PET. We take care of requests beginning at just 50 bags and up-to 100,000+ and our clients have utilized our products for their promotions, daily sales in stores, and special events throughout Australia.

ProBags is a company that is established for your convenience. We supply organizations, small businesses, and individuals as yourself, with quality products for wholesale prices. We offer a wide range of productions that include non-woven bags, Jute bags, Canvas bags, recycle bags, tote bags, cooler bags, Super-market shopping bags, transparent PVC bags, Gift bags, and heaps more.

The reason we can offer you our hand chosen products, at such low costs, is on the grounds that we didn't simply do sales to upsurge the revenue, we took the time and exertion to make manufacturing plant direct arrangements and ship our items directly. The savings of cost me made by doing this is the cost you save on our items. 

"Least expensive and most reduced cost" are sentences you see day by day everywhere throughout the web, however offering the most economical price ensured, is a dedication on an unheard of level. When you shop at our web-shop, you shop with certainty. Our helpful live client support services is on the web and prepared to respond to your inquiries concerning details of products or transportation and Product returns and exchanges.



Manufacturing and operations:

Each of our bags is independently cut and screen-printed in quality tested manufacturing units. Only one bag at once. Since we cut the fabric simply after a request arrives, we can offer custom sizes and styles as effectively as our standard sizes and styles. We offer a wide choice of unbleached and colored materials for both the materials and handles. After cutting the fabric and stitching of each bag is done, we customize your bags with your organizational logo or promotional messages. From beginning to an end, we take extraordinary care in creating each bag we produce.


Probags with a Conscience:

The earth is very vital to us, so we have faith in creating as meager waster as conceivable in all that we do. Our proficient cutting and sewing strategies, alongside exact printing, will eradicate fabric squander. The greater part of our standard sizes is intended to have no fabric squander. We reuse all our office paper and cardboard, jars and containers, and re-utilize uneven office paper, which is bound into scratch pads. What’s more, obviously, we re-utilize our Probags bags when we shop!